Torchio di Vigna Vecchia sui colli Euganei


Our family has handed down the art of winemaking for generations, from the cultivation of grapevines to the vinification of grapes.
In mid-60s, Celso Veronese (born in 1932 in Boccon di Vo) decided to buy a portion of a land in Valnogaredo di Cinto Euganeo that had an old barn and could be used to grow grapes.
In the ‘70s, he renovated the old barn into a more welcoming house, and he moved there to live with his family. With a lot of time and effort, he slowly started growing grapevines and opened his winery.

Constantino naturally inherited Celso’s passion for his land and grapevines from his dad Orlando. He decided to keep alive the winery and he now manages it with love and care.
The Vigna Vecchia winery has about 12 hectares of beautiful vineyards, which are all surrounding the winery itself and its cellar.


The production area of all our wines is located within the Euganean Hills. These are a group of volcanic hills with unique shapes in the Po Valley and have become the first regional park in Veneto.

More specifically, we are in Valnogaredo (Cinto Euganeo), which is located only a few kms south-west of Padua.
The inherent characteristics of the volcanic soil and the favorable microclimate make it possible to get wines with a unique and recognizable organoleptic heritage.

When choosing our vineyards, we chose the most suitable and identifiable varieties of grapes taking into account the characteristics and suitability of the soil.

To better understand what the natural peculiarities of the soil, our unique microclimate, and growth techniques are, it is good to investigate the environmental context in which the winery is located.


Constantino Veronese, the owner of the winery, has kept his father’s passion for wine making alive over the years, making various improvements with the aim of obtaining the maximum qualitative expression of his wines. Through the development of new agronomic knowledge and the optimization of the production process, the winery has grown and established itself for the quality of both its bulk and bottled wine.

The passion for wine was the result of personal interests, family, and studies. This has recently pushed Constantino’s daughter Claudia to enter this world. After graduating in Economics and obtaining a master’s degree in Wine Marketing, she focused her work towards the enhancement of the family winery.

After meeting the winemaker Daniele Pizzinato, the desire to grow and demonstrate the productive potential of the Euganean Hills has strengthened even more.

The great shared passion for wine has resulted in a deep bond with the entire family and the gained experience of each of the winery members has allowed us to better refine our techniques, optimizing the winery’s operations.

From here a new renovation phase has started. This aims at strengthening the high quality of the production through a traditional lens and sharing the care that is hidden behind every glass of wine.

Our Winery organizes tours, guided tastings, and customized aperitifs on request.
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+39 340 728 4540


Via Fattorelle, 11
35030 Cinto Euganeo Padova

+39 340 728 4540


Via Fattorelle, 11
35030 Cinto Euganeo Padova

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